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Making money has always been connected with traditional ‘offline’ ways found in the working life. There are a lot of way you can make money online that it doesn’t depend of physically office or working hours and just have a chance build up your working place in your comfort zone.

Entrepreneurs think that making money from the internet is an easy method but in reality this is not as easy as seems. Most entrepreneurs think it is very easy to make money from the internet, but in reality it is not as simple as you might think. You need to follow three main rules for making money from the Internet; An idea, Dicipline and Working a lot. First of all, it will be advantage before start of your new busines throught your talent or experiences.

There are many popular ways to make money on the Internet. For example; Google adsense, Affiliate marketing, consulting, online courses, podcasting, book sales, lead sales, freelance writing, sponsored posts, webinars, youtube, build an online community etc.

Nowadays there are some simple ways to make additional income;

Method 1

Do you have free time to make money online? If yes, are you in the right place. It is more easy than you think making money around $1000 in a year. Let’ start your small business but at first checiiking out the following steps.

  1. Make Money on Paid Survey Websites; You can make cash between 1$ to 3$ per a day by taking online survey. There are a lot paid survey website which provide you high-paying offers. You can increase your income by select high-paid survey websites. Your monthly income going to be depends of your choise then you can make between 60$-120$ per month. Also, one survey takes 20 minutes to 50 minutes to complete easly. Avoid to paying for have a survey from any online platform. Be carefuly to privacy policy and check it and make sure yourself they are not sell your personal info to third parts. For begin make money, serch on Google “take surveys for money” and register on selected webside. I hope you are doing well and increase your supplement income soon.
  2. Some sites pay you to test out websites or apps; That is very usefull options to make easy money by doing something you are already doing everyday. The first question is that why the websites owners/companies pay to you for testing their web page or apps?The quality of websites depend of their user expeirience, content, template design etc.. After your testing they are examine your feedback and they are getting an idea to improve their weaknesses. Approximately, you can make around $10 per tetsting. You just need computer, ihifh speed internet connection and a little bit time.
  3. Make money by tutoring online; Online tutoring is multi-million dolar sector that is getting growth still. For example, if you know second language you can do online tutoring and get paid. It is really great chance to home base workers. There are a lot websites host to some job opportunities that given you chance to make $50 to $5000 per month. However, the monthly income is up to you.

Method 2

You have no limit to be able to make income that it depends of your creavity as a blogger. There are three popular way to turned your visitors to customers; join to Aiffilate programs, Google ads and selling your own producs. You can build income amount from 1$ to thousand dolars.

  1. Create your own website; Online world is so big and very competetive. In fact that, you can get advantage to create niche website and giving specific details make you stronger than others. It is more easy to create your own community with interesting and speicific contents. Create your website structure on choosen keyword. The successful niche websites have a big visitors potential per a month. Exacly, every one can create successful website if they are share valueable contents constantly. You need to give some reason to your visitors to came your website again. It will be a huge advantage to chose the topic of contents accros to your expertising.
  2. How does websites make money? You can make passive incomes by doing Google Adsense and affilate links in your web page.Those are the most preferred mehods and you can do it very easly by yourself. Also, some website owners would built up their e-commerce segment in their blogs and would make huge additionaly incomes by selling some products.
  3. Set up your new website. In these days creaiting a webside is easier than you think. I highly recommend you to choose WordPress or Joomla. These sites provide to you usefull templete or you can buy from anywhere do you want as themeforest.
  4. Think different and create interesting content. Have you ever think how many content are available in online World? According to researches from 2018, there are 150 trillion known websides that has been increase constantly. How you can be competitive on this sector if there are a lot of same web pages that dominate kind of sectors? Here is some esential tips for you that make you succesfull content writer;
  5. Chose your topics which you can influence your visitors.
  6. Create value with your posts.
  7. At first make yourself sure that your contents are amazing.
  8. Promote your articles on online World and use social media strongly.( Sent to your e-mail list, share your contents on social media, send an outreach e-mail, mention an influencer, submit to a content community, use Google ads, share your links on other web pages, use quality backlinks)
  9. Monetize your webside. The most of website owners use Google ADS and several affilate programs. You need to have an ads on your web page and get paid when visitors click on them.
  10. Google Adsense; Most ofweb page ownershave chosenGoogleADS service. This service provide the users high quality and relevant across to content. And your ads fit to with smart phones and tablets that makes valuable ADS on your website. You have a chance block some ADS, you don’t want to rewiev.
  11. Affiliate Programs;That is the secondary big powerfull program and has getting stronger a source of online marketing platform for many online investors.This online merchandising platform helps both publishers and the Merchant, will sell more goods and the affiliate marketer will get a commission for every product bought through his/her website.

Method 3

If you like to write stories, scientific subjects or any speicific knowledge you can share sell your articles a lot of platform. The prices can calculate per a hour or according to the number of words specified. For each way it is possible to growing up your business and can be create your own community. All facts base your work and doing well. Have a good luck.

  1. Freelance Article Writer ; If you have a passion to share your knowledge or kind of hobies with your readers iit means you are ready to be freelance article writer. Some writers doing this job constantly someone else do it for additional income. To be an Professional writer you need to understand what kind of subject is your profession and have an individual style of your contents.
  2. Learn principles of valuable content ; The subject of your content you will publish on the online world will be already published by someone else before. However, your content can not be valuable if you are not think different than other content writers. Some tips makes your content more quality and available on the online world. Google is the biggest planet you can market your articles easily. Therefore, You should know google algorithm better than your competitors to be taken advantage.
  3. Learn from Google how to write excellent article; Everybody have different writing style and it is valuable for Google and in the same time for your visitors. But it is not enought for excellant article. You should be aware of that your article doesn’t make any sense for Google if you are not unable to use some maintain rules declared by Google team. These rules make your content competitive to be placed in first page in searching results. Here is some golden rules you to be writing Google friendly articles;
  4. Your content should be unique
  5. Chose your keywors before start to write your article
  6. Don’t use complete keywors, just be focused to giving right iinfo to your readers
  7. Don’t use low qualtiy links of your content
  8. Be carefull of your web page speed
  9. Don’t copyright
  10. Just follow Google seo rules that make to your contens high rank pages
  1. Give some samples and make some referaces to your customers. When you start new career as a freelance writer, you can struggled to find customers without your own samples. Anyway, it will be strong referance if you share sample articles on your webside or you can publish guest posts the other website. That is so important to marketing your contents to able to make high income and gain new customers. It is always hard at first time having some networks and customers but always be consider that you able to growth your business according to your experience.
  2. Introduce yourself and proof your knowledge. Introduce yourself to get business from your potential customers, get your web page or business card that reflects your knowledge and skills. Preferably, web portals are good area and more accessible to be touching your targets. You would give some sample and show your talents or bring out your knowledge with this individual web pages.
  3. Sell your ariticles on your e-commerce website. With the time you are going to be busy and create your own customer portfilo. It going to stuggled to manage your time to be able to meeting with your customer requests. In this situtation it is the great idea start up your business as a freelance article writer. Someone already did it and make a valuable income as an entreprenuer. Some succesfull start up’s turned a big organization which started with just 2 or 3 person.

Method 4

Sell Your Stuff Online Platforms

This sector always pushing up to you become a business owner. A lot of start up’s growing up greatly fast and make millions dolars. Is it realy easy as well as poeople talking about? Absolutely no! Is it possible?

  1. Find niche product to sell of them your customers Or sell your second hand stuff. A lot of people figure out that they can make additional or constantly income with this way and this sector give to you a chance working as a freelancer and create your own bussines at home. Maybe you have not got a budget as well as your competitors. In this case maybe it’s gonna better to start with selling your old stuff is you don’t need anymore. By the way, don’t forget that it is a big advantage to start by selling your second hand stuff decrease of risks losing money.

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